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The UWEB Biomaterials Intensive Short Course

An Introduction to Biomaterials and Medical Device Applications

February 5-7, 2007

University Of Washington Husky Union Building (HUB), Room 108

University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Click here for easy on-line registration

Registration for the Short Course includes a free copy of the highly anticipated and just published Biomaterials Science:  An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, 2nd ed. (edited by Ratner, Hoffman, Schoen & Lemons.)*

UWEB Members:  If you register for the Short Course, then you can send another representative from your organization for just $100! 

What is the Short Course?

The UWEB Industry Short Course introduces the fundamental principles and applications of biomaterials and medical devices. Our speakers are experts in the field of biomaterials. They address the following topics:

  • Major issues in the use of biomaterials in medicine
  • Tools used to evaluate biomaterials in medicine
  • Biomedical devices

Why is the Short Course for you?

The 100 billion-dollar medical device industry relies on materials for their devices. Yet, materials in a complete biological system like the human body are complicated. Biomaterials research and development involves chemistry, physics, materials science, mechanical and chemical engineering, biology, biochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and bioethics. This course will introduce you to the principles behind the application of materials in medicine and also raise concerns and problems that biomaterials practitioners confront. Academics and professionals new or veteran to the biomaterials field will find topics suited to their interests.

  • Incisive tutorials by leaders in biomaterials research and development
  • Access to curriculum-oriented course materials on the Web
  • A fair appreciation of the key issues, controversies, and trends in biomaterials, all in three days
  • Broad subject coverage of soft and hard materials, biology, medicine, engineering
  • A copy of Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, 2nd ed.

What UWEB Short Course alumni are saying...

“Excellent and highly informative.”


“The intensive short course has been one of my best investments of three days.”

Short Course faculty

For complete list of the Short Course faculty and to download a copy of the Short Course brochure, please click here.

2007 Short Course schedule

To see this year’s schedule click here.

For more details about the UWEB Biomaterials Intensive Short Course, email webadmin@uweb.engr.washington.edu.


Participants are welcome to stay at the University Tower Hotel located near the University of Washington for a special discounted rate of $119* for a limited time only (until January 5, 2007). Please identify yourself as a UWEB Short Course participant to obtain this special rate.

University Tower Hotel
4507 Brooklyn Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Ph. 1-800-899-0251 or 206-634-2000
(Fax) 206.547.6029

Web site: http://www.universitytowerhotel.com/

*The above rate is subject to city and state taxes, totaling 15.6%.

Hotel, Transportation, Dining, and Seattle Attractions

For further information on the conference location, transportation around Seattle, dining options and places of interest in Seattle, click here.

For more information

For more details about the Short Course, email webadmin@uweb.engr.washington.edu

*The textbook offer does not apply to students, postdoctoral fellows, UW & UWEB faculty, staff, or students. But you can purchase Biomaterials Science:  An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, 2nd ed. (edited by Ratner, Hoffman, Schoen & Lemons) for 30% off the retail price!